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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Beautiful Boundaries with Post and Panel Fencing

When you need to create a boundary for your property that will also act as a privacy screen you have a number of options, from shrubbery to trees, chain-link/mesh to concrete block, but perhaps the best solution for a solid screen fence that is cost effective and easier to install than solid block is  Post and Panel Fencing from KPC.
Post and Panel Fencing samples

Post and Panel Fencing for a Simply Beautiful Boundary

Trees and shrubs can produce a reasonable boundary, but without going to some considerable expense they can take quite some time to grow and become established. On top of this they will also need a lot of maintenance and can be quite “gappy” at ground level. Block walls can create a substantial boundary, solid from top to bottom, but a less labour-intensive, yet cost-effective option for producing a solid screen boundary for your property is to use Post and Panel Fencing from KPC.

KPC’s Post and Panel Fencing is a beautifully simple system for creating a durable, elegant and very low maintenance fence. It consists of precast concrete posts with a H-shaped profile, allowing the vertical edges of the panels to be held in place in the slotted side faces of the posts. The panels themselves are available in plain concrete, “rock-faced” moulded concrete or wood slats.

The ease with which KPC’s Post and Panel system is installed recently prompted one of our customers to say that he felt “the days of more labour intensive walls are numbered“.

Contact our team at KPC to see how your Post and Panel Fencing from KPC can create a simply beautiful boundary for your property. Click here for our Post and Panel Fencing page.

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