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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Accessibility Thresholds

KPC Disabled Access Thresholds Brochure
Killeshal manufacture a range of standard and custom thresholds to suit various door widths and, with a growing requirement to ensure that buildings are accessible to those with disabilities, we offer accessibility thresholds systems.


The Killeshal Concrete Threshold in-situThis patented solution addresses accessibility requirements, comprising a concrete or polymer concrete unit with integrated drainage channel, heel-safe galvanised steel grating and a “trapper bar” to impede water crossing the threshold.

The accessibility thresholds provide superior access for the mobility impaired without compromising on aesthetics. It’s fully functional in providing a drainage channel for water that might otherwise cross the threshold and the channel is covered with a supplied heel-safe perforated galvanised steel plate.

Accessibility Thresholds KEY FEATURES

accessibility thresholds Image small

  • Single unit – fully integrated system
  • Provides level access for the mobility impaired
  • Durable materials – Polymer concrete, metal grating
  • Integrated drainage channel directs water away from threshold
  • Creates safer access for wheelchair users
  • Larger entrance widths can be catered for
  • Units available ex-stock
  • Straightforward installation


We also developed solutions for situations where particular door types cannot be used. Our main disabled access-compliant solutions include:

  • MJ 300 +/- Sidelights & Extensions (including new polymer concrete unit)
  • Nordic Threshold
  • CJ 300 Threshold
  • T/H 215 NBA Threshold


Furthermore, we have a range of other solutions which may be modified to comply with disabled access regulations as required. Our Technical Team will be more than happy to advise you on the optimum solution, based on your requirements.

If you would like to know more about our products and delivery services please contact us by phone on 05793 53018 or by email at or you may use the contact form below.


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