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Building Components

3 Ways Wall Caps Protect Your Wall

We have previously posted here about the great looks that are possible through finishing off a wall in some of the stylish wall caps available here at Killeshal. But, wall coping protects your wall too, so we thought we’d give a quick run-down of how wall caps protect your wall. Continue reading

Cold Bridge prevention with GFRP Wall Ties

Cold Bridge prevention (or thermal bridge prevention) has become more and more a relevant topic in the world of construction. And, thanks to the popularity of television programmes such as Grand Designs, there is a growing awareness of the topic amongst the general population. Here’s one solution that makes a significant contribution to Cold Bridge Prevention at Build stage. Continue reading

Wall Caps Down To A Tee

I had a discussion recently about a previous blog post on precast concrete Wall Caps where I compared wall caps to lapels on a suit jacket. A friend said that he hadn’t really thought of them that way before, so I responded with a question, “Well, how much thought do you normally give to wall caps.”
The answer didn’t surprise me, wall cap selection was often not much more than an afterthought, but they really should be considered as a much more significant part of any project since they’re one of the first things noticed (sub-consciously or otherwise) on any property. Continue reading

Add a Finishing Touch with Window Sills

There are buildings which suit an ultra-minimalist design aesthetic, with long and unbroken lines. But I’ve always thought that if a building doesn’t have a few particular finishing touches… well it just seems a little under-dressed and incomplete. Among those finishing touches for me are Windows Sills. Continue reading

Dress Well with Wall Caps

I am constantly amazed at the huge variety of wall caps available to add that finishing touch to a build project and I do take some pride in the range of wall caps that we have available here at Killeshal Precast Concrete. We really have a wide range of wall coping profiles and designs available as standard and, if for some reason you can’t find exactly the design you’re looking for or you just want something a little special… we even do bespoke designs. Continue reading

Line Drainage Systems and Surface Water

All surfaced areas in this part of the world faces one common issue. Whether the surface is paved with bricks, flags, concrete or asphalt all have to contend with the copious amounts of rainfall common to the UK and Ireland. One critical requirement to deal with this issue is Line Drainage… like ULMA Line Drainage systems from Killeshal. Continue reading

Architectural Versatility with Steel Lintels

Architecture today faces the demands of an increasingly sophisticated public. For civic, commercial and domestic builds alike, customers want ever more daring designs that stretch conventional structural and aesthetic design limits. Where can you turn to satisfy these demands? Steel Lintels from Killeshal.

Continue reading

Eco Friendly Construction with Killeshal Precast

The term Eco Friendly Construction is one that’s seen a lot of use recently, particularly as TV shows like Grand Designs brings it to a wider audience. But as one customer of Killeshal recently pointed out in his blog on this topic “Trying to make your new build home more eco doesn’t have to be a huge effort. The smallest improvements can make a big long term difference.” Continue reading

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