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Trusted for Precast Concrete and more since 1969

Building Components

Precast Concrete Duct Channels And Covers

Any build project, whether civil or private, will likely have a degree of utility services provisioning to contend with. A simple and effective way to ensure that these services are provisioned safely and with an appropriate level of protection is to use precast concrete duct channels and covers from Killeshal. Continue reading

Greater Design Flexibility with Steel Lintels

To some degree we like to fit in with those around us, but there is also an undeniable urge to express our individuality in the external aspects of our lives. One of the boldest statements of individuality we could hope to make is through the house in which we live. Being different here presents structural and design challenges… but that’s exactly where steel lintels excel. Continue reading

Reconstituted Stone Star Seating with Style

Sometimes you find the need to balance cost efficient, competitive materials and components with stylish aesthetics to ensure that your development really achieves the look that you are after. That is not always an easy thing to do, but using a combination of reconstituted stone Lintels and Window Sills along with some very stylish reconstituted stone Star Benches for outdoor seating, a genuinely prestigious, integrated look can be achieved. Continue reading

String Course Integrates Your Style

When you need to bring all the aesthetic elements of your building together and tie it all up in a truly integrated way, String course is your best option. With Killeshal’s wide range of string course units in precast concrete or reconstituted stone, you’ll surely find a style to compliment your building’s facade.

Continue reading

Protective and Decorative Pier Caps

Protect your property against the elements without compromising or feeling that you have to make a priority choice between style and function. With Killeshal’s Precast concrete Pier Caps you can preserve your wall and gate piers it all in a style that suits you, in precast concrete or reconstituted stone. Continue reading

Window Sills For All Projects

The “right tool for the right job” is a maxim with far greater importance than its cliched tones might imply and this is never more true than in the selection of the “right” window sills for your build project. Killeshal have the widest range of precast concrete window sills and an expert technical sales team that will help with specification and design.

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Precast Concrete Wall Caps – For Everyone’s Tastes

Whether your property has a standard, no-nonsense boundary wall and piers and all you want to do is top it off with simple, uncomplicated precast concrete wall caps or maybe you have the kind of property that demands something a bit more out of the ordinary and want to add a different finishing touch to your boundary walls, Killeshal Precast have an extraordinary range of wall caps in a wide variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from. Continue reading

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