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Trusted for Precast Concrete and more since 1969

Building Components

Precast String Course Adds Timeless Elegance

There are a number of ways to transform the face of a building from something plain and ordinary. Some buildings do lend themselves to large blocks of simplicity of style, but some can tend to require a little something extra to break up the monotony. You can add a touch of elegance to virtually any style of building with Precast String Course from Killeshal Continue reading

Chimney Caps for Style and Function

The top surface of any blockwork structure is not impervious to weather. This is particularly true of chimneys as their height generally means they are even more exposed to the elements. Chimney Caps from Killeshal provide an elegant solution. Continue reading

Precast Concrete Lintels for Great Structural Support

No matter what kind of structure you build, if it has a door or window opening you’re going to need a head of some sort to support the blockwork or other structure above the opening. When it comes to great structural support, it’s hard to beat the all-round versatility and strength of a precast concrete lintels from Killeshal.

Continue reading

Featured Product Bollards
Featured Product – Tactile Studs