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Killeshal Precast Concrete


Terracotta Style Wall and Pier Caps the Quick and Easy Way

The power of the internet never fails to amaze me. Even more so, the power of images on the internet. I have often said that we are inherently visual creatures and I am now convinced that we will respond more to what we see than what we read or are told, particularly since seeing some of the responses to one of our website posts which generated numerous requests for Terracotta Style Wall and Pier Caps.

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Low Profile Grass Blocks for Eco-friendly Driveways

Grass Blocks have seen a marked increase in popularity and demand over the last couple of years and there is good reason for this; at a time where we are becoming increasingly aware of impacting upon the environment and needing to cope with often considerable amounts of surface water, Low Profile Grass Blocks are the ideal solution. Continue reading

Add a Finishing Touch with Window Sills

There are buildings which suit an ultra-minimalist design aesthetic, with long and unbroken lines. But I’ve always thought that if a building doesn’t have a few particular finishing touches… well it just seems a little under-dressed and incomplete. Among those finishing touches for me are Windows Sills. Continue reading

Dress Well with Wall Caps

I am constantly amazed at the huge variety of wall caps available to add that finishing touch to a build project and I do take some pride in the range of wall caps that we have available here at Killeshal Precast Concrete. We really have a wide range of wall coping profiles and designs available as standard and, if for some reason you can’t find exactly the design you’re looking for or you just want something a little special… we even do bespoke designs. Continue reading

Steel Bollards – Simplicity in Style

You would be forgiven in the past for thinking that bollards were either quite expensive and ornate ductile iron specimens or something altogether more rough and ready. But the truth today is that there is an incredible variety of steel bollards and KPC can supply them to suit just about any installation. Continue reading

Beautiful Boundaries with Post and Panel Fencing

When you need to create a boundary for your property that will also act as a privacy screen you have a number of options, from shrubbery to trees, chain-link/mesh to concrete block, but perhaps the best solution for a solid screen fence that is cost effective and easier to install than solid block is  Post and Panel Fencing from KPC. Continue reading

Reconstituted Stone Star Seating with Style

Sometimes you find the need to balance cost efficient, competitive materials and components with stylish aesthetics to ensure that your development really achieves the look that you are after. That is not always an easy thing to do, but using a combination of reconstituted stone Lintels and Window Sills along with some very stylish reconstituted stone Star Benches for outdoor seating, a genuinely prestigious, integrated look can be achieved. Continue reading

String Course Integrates Your Style

When you need to bring all the aesthetic elements of your building together and tie it all up in a truly integrated way, String course is your best option. With Killeshal’s wide range of string course units in precast concrete or reconstituted stone, you’ll surely find a style to compliment your building’s facade.

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Protective and Decorative Pier Caps

Protect your property against the elements without compromising or feeling that you have to make a priority choice between style and function. With Killeshal’s Precast concrete Pier Caps you can preserve your wall and gate piers it all in a style that suits you, in precast concrete or reconstituted stone. Continue reading

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