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Chimney Caps for Style and Function

The top surface of any blockwork structure is not impervious to weather. This is particularly true of chimneys as their height generally means they are even more exposed to the elements. Chimney Caps from Killeshal provide an elegant solution.

Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps are amongst those items which are more often noticed in their absence. But, in addition to providing a definite finishing touch to a building they also perform a very important function. The very nature of chimneys means that they are exposed to the eroding effects of weather, especially in our frequently cold and damp climate.

There are a number of ways of sealing off the top surface of the chimney’s blockwork, some more elegant than others. Whilst it is possible to cast and pour a chimney cap in-situ, it involves building the casting framework in-place around the top of the chimney and then pouring concrete into this and leaving it to set. This is an unnecessary addition to time and labour that could be much better allocated to other stages of the build.

Chimney CapsPrecast concrete Chimney Caps from Killeshal are available in a number of styles from  simple and elegant to ornate mouldings. They are ready to fit and require only a standard bedding of mortar on the top of the chimney blockwork.

Precast concrete Chimney caps from Killeshal also come as standard with integrated drip channels. This will further enhance the weather-proofing effect of the chimney cap by directing rain water away from the chimney walls, allowing it to fall directly to the roof.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Chimney Caps from Killeshal can provide an elegant finishing touch and meet your project specifications.

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