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Cold Bridge prevention with GFRP Wall Ties

Cold Bridge prevention (or thermal bridge prevention) has become more and more a relevant topic in the world of construction. And, thanks to the popularity of television programmes such as Grand Designs, there is a growing awareness of the topic amongst the general population. Here’s one solution that makes a significant contribution to Cold Bridge Prevention at Build stage.

Cold Bridge Prevention

Ideally, we’d all like to anticipate everything and avoid pitfalls, particularly costly ones. Tackling the problem of cold bridging on a completed/existing build can be tricky and expensive, depending on how far the remedial works are taken. And, until those remedial works are completed, money is seeping through the walls in the form of heat loss.

cold bridge prevention with GFRP Wall Ties

The wiser generations that went before us would often say “prevention is better than cure”; they were right. If you have considered the issue of cold bridging at all and have not yet started your build, then it is now the perfect time to implement a strategy for cold bridge prevention and Killeshal have an essential component of that plan with GFRP Wall Ties.

GFRP Wall Tie are thermally insulating, horizontal composite wall ties, made from pultruded glass fibres which are set into a matrix of vinyl ester resin. These ties have a coarse silica finish to help ensure a good bond with the mortar joint and to help prevent moisture crossing the cavity. The U-value of a completed wall will depend on a number of factors but calculations on thermal transmittance including corrections for wall ties may be carried out using a thermal conductivity figure of 0.19 W/m.K for the wall ties.

Contact the team at Killeshal to see how we can help you with reducing cold bridging on your build project.

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