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Cost Effective Concrete Drainage Kerbs

Managing surface water is something we need to do quite a lot of in this part of the world. Summer is on its way, but we all know that doesn’t mean we won’t get a generous helping of rainfall. That’s why Concrete Drainage Kerbs from Killeshal are so essential.

Concrete Drainage Kerbs

At this time of year we look, hopefully, towards the warmer, dryer days of Summer (fools that we are). But, although our temperate climate across the UK and Ireland usually spares us from the harshest effects of Winter it does come with quite a lot of rainfall that is quite happy to visit even in Summer months. Records from the UK Met Office (click here fro more information) show average rainfall for August between 1981 and 2010 was 3 to 4 inches with westerly parts of Ireland, Wales and Scotland receiving as much as 8 inches or more… in August!

concrete drainage kerbs

The resultant surface water neads to be cleared quickly and effectively for a number of reasons; for safety, for prevention of excess wear and tear and so on. Killeshal produce a range of concrete drainage kerbs that provide a cost effective way to do just that.

Killeshal’s Safety Kerb is the main component of our concrete drainage kerbs range and effectively channels away excess surface water. The channel slot allows water to drop immediately from the surface of the dished kerb and into the channel below.

In addition to our precast concrete safety kerb and the non-slotted, dished channel kerb, Killeshal also supply a number of other options for applications in surface water management. These include grass blocks and also Ulma Line Drainage, a complete system of polymer concrete channels and durable metal gratings.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Drainage Kerbs from Killeshal can provide efficient surface water management for your project. Click here for our Concrete Drainage Kerbs page.

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