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Drainage Kerb DuraDrain – Two Problems, One Solution

DuraDrain Drainage Kerbs
DuraDrain Drainage Kerb from Killeshal is a product that addresses two increasingly significant issues. All exposed surfaces require efficient drainage to prevent flooding and protect the surface integrity. This particular issue is becoming increasingly significant, as the effects of climate change manifest themselves.

The other increasingly significant issue is that there is an ever greater focus on sustainability and environmental concerns and, in particular, the growing problem of plastics in the environment.

DuraDrain, perhaps uniquely, is the kind of product that can address both issues in a single, cleverly designed system for providing efficient and safe drainage for highways, car parks and more.

The DuraDrain combined kerb and drainage system, available from Killeshal Precast Concrete Ltd., provides efficient drainage to prevent flooding or settlement and to protect surfaces. It is a heavy-duty combined kerb and drainage system that provides an efficient and safe method of draining highways, car parks and potentially any surface or structure with a kerb edge. Combined kerb and drainage systems collect run-off continually and quickly which helps extend the life of a project and improve the conditions for users and their safety, particularly in highways.

DuraDrain combined drainage kerb


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New Problems – New Solutions

Combined Kerb and Drainage systems are not entirely new. In fact they are in use in many areas throughout the UK and Ireland.

However, the beauty of the DuraDrain system is that these units are manufactured from recycled and recyclable material. Add in the hydraulically efficient material properties and large flow and this makes DuraDrain a winning proposition in addressing both sustainability and surface water management concerns.

Drainage Kerbs with dropper kerbs

Drainage Kerb Installation in Cork Drainage Kerb Installation Close Up

Drainage Kerb Large Flow Volume


Surface Water Management

The DuraDrain units produce higher flow rates than an equivalent conventional concrete product.

In addition to its large useable volume, the recycled plastics used in manufacturing DuraDrain allow for a very hydraulically efficient surface.

This produces a flow rate that prevents kerbside water pooling and standing water on the roadway in a lightweight yet durable unit.


Lightweight and Durable

That combination of light weight and durability is again due to the nature of materials used to manufacture DuraDrain. These units are fit to take the rigors of highway traffic, yet they are light enough to be carried easily by hand, eliminating the need for mechanical lifting aids or teams of workers trying to safely co-ordinate lifting units into place.


Faster, Safer, Easier Installation

This ability to easily handle DuraDrain units manually means that project installations are faster, safer and quicker. Units can quickly be offloaded from delivery vehicles and easily installed into position, by hand.

In addition they can also be worked with hand tools. No power tools such as con-saws that produce high-decibels and clouds of concrete dust are required to cut units to size or shape. A normal hand-saw can be used instead.

Easy Drainage Kerb Installation


Sustainability / Eco-Friendly

As noted above, DuraDrain drainage kerb is made from recycled and recyclable materials, making it a great choice for an eco-friendly solution to sustainable surface water management. In fact, its eco-friendly statistics are quite impressive:

  • 30,676Kg of Carbon Saved for every 1000m of units installed
  • 70% Recycled material used in every 500mm unit
  • 199 Recycled Plastic bottles, caps and closures in every unit

recyclable drainage kerbs

Those figures represent a significant contribution to environmental protection and will demonstrate a commitment to sustainability in any project that includes DuraDrain Drainage Kerb.

Your Complete Drainage Kerb Solution

DuraDrain ticks all the right boxes for modern, sustainable surface water management for roadways, car-parks and more:

  • DuraDrain is made from recycled and recyclable materials
  • DuraDrain material is hydraulically efficient
  • DuraDrain is light enough for each unit to be handled by a single worker
  • DuraDrain’s light weight makes it much quicker to install
  • DuraDrain can be worked and cut to size with hand tools
  • DuraDrain is durable enough for highway traffic
  • DuraDrain is cost-effective
  • DuraDrain is eco-friendly

Contact our team at KPC to see how Line Drainage systems from KPC can provide an efficient surface water clearance solution to suit your project specifications.

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