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Dress Well with Wall Caps

I am constantly amazed at the huge variety of wall caps available to add that finishing touch to a build¬†project and I do take some pride in the range of wall caps that we have available here at Killeshal Precast Concrete. We really have a wide range of wall coping profiles and designs available as standard and, if for some reason you can’t find exactly the design you’re looking for or you just want something a little special… we even do bespoke designs.

Twice Weathered Wall CapTo me wall caps and pier caps aren’t unlike the architectural equivalent of lapels and a collar on a suit. As analagies go, that’s not that much of a stretch if you think about it. Lapels mainly come in notched, shawl or peak designs, but then come with countless variations of those initial three types and a suit jacket just wouldn’t seem finished without them.
With this in mind, selecting the right wall caps will allow you to create not just the right finish for your wall, but if you get just the right design profile it will create the perfect finish for your property.

feather edged wall capAnd… just as any good tailor will advise you on the specific suit details for your needs, the technical sales guys here at Killeshal Precast will help you to select just the right wall caps for your wall and property. Whether it’s feather-edged, saddle-back, chamfered or something else more ornate that you need, Killeshal Precast can provide it ex-stock or make it to order.


We recently had an enquiry for wall caps to replace a number of caps for a parapet wall on an apartment complex in Dublin. The owners and architect were very particular about ensuring the new wall capping integrated completely with the existing wall caps and did not break the architectural design aesthetic of the building. So, with the aid of a couple of smartphone photographs and some measurements supplied by the customer, we were able to manufacture and ship exactly the right wall caps for the job.


Wall Caps Delivery

Contact our team at Killeshal Precast to see how Precast Concrete Wall Caps from Killeshal can top off a boundary with style. Click here for our Precast Concrete Wall Coping page.

Contact us by phone or email and see how we can meet your needs for construction materials. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. See our Contact Us page for contact information.PPC-Killeshal

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