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Greater Design Flexibility with Steel Lintels

To some degree we like to fit in with those around us, but there is also an undeniable urge to express our individuality in the external aspects of our lives. One of the boldest statements of individuality we could hope to make is through the house in which we live. Being different here presents structural and design challenges… but that’s exactly where steel lintels excel.

Steel Lintels – for Greater Design Flexibility

There is an understandable and undeniable desire to surround ourselves with little touches that enhance our humble abode or indeed our offices and workspaces. To better feather our nest, so to speak. But, when this extends to attempts to alter the structure of our buildings, the limitations of conventional concrete load bearing elements quickly become apparent.


Steel lintels offer an incredible ability to bridge spans in a very wide range of shapes and configurations. They allow architects a greater freedom in design than was previously possible and make a far greater palette of design options available. It is now easier than ever to incorporate features such as bay windows, Gothic arches, portholes and more into any structure, regardless of whether it is block-build, timber-frame, brick, stone or whatever.

Brick Slip Feature Steel Lintels

Specifically designed to make the imagined a reality in brick builds, the brick-slip feature steel lintels are a one piece prefabricated unit, manufactured to bespoke designs. They allow even the most challenging architectural designs to become achievable.

feature-steel-lintels-detailThese units are produced using a consignment of the brick in use on the site, which is bonded to the galvanised and powder-coated structural steel elements in a patented system that ensures maximum performance of the units.

The finished product is a fantastic feature steel lintel, with a custom design, that easily slots into place as a completed unit with the exact match of brick already affixed to the unit.

KPC can provide advice and assistance in design and specification and can work with architects in creating what was previously only a dream.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Steel Lintels from Killeshal can provide incredible design flexibility for your project. Click here for our Steel Lintels page.

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