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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Standard Concrete Kerbs – Above Standard Durability

I recently got my driveway re-surfaced. It was really starting to get on my nerves because no matter how neatly I kept the drive and surrounding grass, it never looked finished. I was determined to give the drive a proper finished look, so the only option to my mind meant it had to be lined with Precast Concrete Kerbs.

Precast Concrete Kerbs from Killeshal

In my opinion there are few things that give a driveway or any development a cleaner, neater and more defined look than precast concrete kerbs. There is an elegant simplicity to a line of concrete kerbs neatly separating a green area from a tarmac driveway.

Precast Concrete Kerbs

My own driveway was simply covered in stone chippings since it was installed a few years ago. It was one of those things that my wife and I thought would look fine for a few months. But, as so often happens, it became one of those things that got postponed repeatedly… for a few years. This made me all the more determined to ensure that we got it right this time. I wanted a neat tarmac drive and I wanted it properly defined with a line of tough precast concrete kerbs.

Fortunately, I work in just the right place so there was no guess-work or trawling the web for the best concrete kerbs. With the benefit of the knowledge I’ve gained from working with Killeshal I knew that our kerbs are manufactured using a top-class hydraulic press process. This was particularly important for me, because I live away from things like mainline gas supplies so I would occasionally get deliveries of heating oil or a load of solid fuel. The last thing I wanted was a beautifully finished drive, neatly lined with concrete kerbs that then crumbled under the weight of the first delivery truck.

I got exactly what I wanted… a beautifully defined driveway with a neat edging of concrete kerbs that I can depend on. These kerbs are tough as standard. I was so happy with the new driveway I replaced the original stone piers with two new concrete piers, topped with precast concrete Pier Caps from Killeshal.

Whitethorn House


One year on, I have no regrets. The kerbs from KPC are sturdy and neat and have survived without blemish numerous encounters with not only our own vehicles (a car, an SUV and two motorbikes), but also several large delivery vehicles laden with things like heating oil.

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