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Precast String Course Adds Timeless Elegance

There are a number of ways to transform the face of a building from something plain and ordinary. Some buildings do lend themselves to large blocks of simplicity of style, but some can tend to require a little something extra to break up the monotony. You can add a touch of elegance to virtually any style of building with Precast String Course from Killeshal

Precast String Course

Precast String CourseString Course elements appear across virtually all styles of Western Architecture from the very modern right back to Classical Roman architecture. (See Encyclopaedia Britannica). This makes String Course uniquely positioned as an architectural element that can be applied to an incredible range of build projects.

Most popularly used as an extension of the window sill line on the face of the building, it creates a subtle trim line and in the process adds an understated elegance to a building. Of course, this will work best when the precast profile chosen for the string course is a close match to that of the window sills. This will then create a fantastic and elegant continuity across the face of the building.

String Course also helps to create a line of definition between storeys on a multi-storied building, breaking up what might otherwise be a very plain façade, and String Course from Killeshal is available in a variety of styles manufactured in durable precast concrete. In fact, we have quite a number of profiles available as standard and we are happy to look at requests for custom profiles if you have specific needs on your project.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how String Course elements from Killeshal can provide structural support to suit your project specifications. Click here for our String Course page.

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