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Reconstituted Stone Star Seating with Style

Sometimes you find the need to balance cost efficient, competitive materials and components with stylish aesthetics to ensure that your development really achieves the look that you are after. That is not always an easy thing to do, but using a combination of reconstituted stone Lintels and Window Sills along with some very stylish reconstituted stone Star Benches for outdoor seating, a genuinely prestigious, integrated look can be achieved.

Reconstituted Stone Window Sills

Reconstituted Stone Window Sills and Lintels

Bracken Park is beautiful housing development nestled in suburban woodland in North County Dublin, it is incredibly picturesque, and has an almost rural feel to it, despite being so close to Dublin’s busy centre. With a setting like this as a starting point and having made the choice to go with a classic red-brick architecture, there was really only one way to go with the choice of Window Sills and Lintels… it had to be reconstituted stone.

With our sister company, In Granite Recon, Killeshal supply a range of reconstituted stone window sills and lintels that really compliment the architecture of this development, contrasting beautifully with the red brick and enhancing perfectly the classic lines of each and every building. This combination of red brick, classic lines and reconstituted stone granite sills and lintels creates an unparalleled timeless beauty and a sense of quality that will most definitely boost the value of the properties.

Reconstituted Stone Star Bench

To further enhance the setting and continue the prestigious nature of the properties, the developers also purchased a number of our reconstituted stone Star Benches and installed them in areas such as the pavement in front of the children’s play area.

These incredibly beautiful benches beg to be used, whether in golden sunshine or in the beautiful dappled light created by the shade of mature trees. For all ages their unusual design creates a resting spot that is a pleasure to look at.

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