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Security Fencing – Protect What’s Yours

If you have gone beyond the title of this post and into reading this paragraph, chances are that you have a property which contains some substantial investment in terms of equipment or facilities or which is in itself (the property) a substantial investment. Having such an investment makes it absolutely essential to invest in effective security fencing.

Security Fencing

It’s something that goes beyond peace of mind. Security Fencing is an essential item for anyone who takes their investments seriously. But getting a good quality, effective and durable security fencing system to protect your property doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

security fencingWe have previously quoted a Lancashire Council guidance document on this site which states clearly that security fencing should have a high degree of transparency to allow for better surveillance. This makes our cost-competitive system at Killeshal an ideal candidate as it is highly transparent with the use of chainlink wire mesh. Killeshal’s security fence system uses a “bent-arm” post design allowing for the top of the fence to be further secured with a tripple row of barbed wire or razor wire. With the post bends angled towards the outside of the property, this makes the fence very secure and very difficult to scale.

Combine this with the effective design with the durable concrete construction of Killeshal’s security fence posts and you’ve got a security fencing system that is both durable and cost effective.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Security Fencing from Killeshal can provide security for your project or property. Click here for our Security Fencing page.

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