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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Style and Function with Steel Bollards

They safely segregate pedestrian traffic from cars, trucks and buses, we pass them eith on foot or while driving on a daily basis, we lean against them for a moment’s rest without giving a thought to them and yet in some ways Steel Bollards are the unsung heroes of our streetscapes.

Bollards have been around for quite some time and have been adapted from their quite unrelated beginnings, centuries ago as tether points for sea craft and much later for horses and other animals.

Today, we use these incredibly invaluable fixtures as both items of architectural beauty and as functional physical or visual barriers.

black steel bollards

Steel Bollards for Style on the Streets.

One of the most common uses for steel bollards is in the definition of a perimeter with style. Steel bollards aren’t the only option to use in this setting, concrete or stone units or surface markings can technically perform exactly the same task, but there is something definitely more apealing about a line or arc of steel bollards.

steel bollards rangeKPC supply numerous styles of steel bollards, a very wide range in fact, with a style to suit just about any setting. We also supply ranges that are specifically suited to installation in car parking areas, for example, with brightly coloured powder-coated finishes over the galvanised steel to provide improved visibility.

yellow coloured steel bollards

slash-top bollardIn fact we have so many different profiles and finishes that we are sure you’ll find something that compliments perfectly the architectural style of your project.

From classically styled black ductile iron models to the ultra-modern stainless steel slash-tops and dome-tops, to the improved visibility steel bollards in bright yellow, you’re sure to find the perfect steel bollards for your project.

There are a number of anchoring options, with some bollards being concreted into place whilst others may be retro-fitted by simple bolting in place. We also have removable and lockable bollards, perfect for areas such as parking bays or access routes that need to be opened at times.

Contact our team at KPC to see how Steel Bollards from KPC can provide a perimeter of style and function for your project. Click here for our Steel Bollards page.

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