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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Thresholds for Disabled Access

As we’ve said before on this site, there is an increasing awareness of issues around disabled access. Placing these issues on a legal footing through equality legislation is one thing, but these real-world issues require real-world engineered solutions like the Disabled Access Thresholds from Killeshal.

Thresholds for Disabled Access from Killeshal

Conventional design  for thresholds is very good at fulfilling its original purpose, part of which is to create a barrier to rain. Unfortunately, this design usually involves the use of a tread component that forms a bump and is not very wheelchair friendly. The guidance document available on the Planning Portal states in section 6.19-

Where the approach to the entrance consists of a level or ramped approach (see paragraphs 6.13–6.15), an accessible threshold at the entrance should be provided. An accessible threshold into entrance level flats should also be provided.

Killeshal supply an ingenious solution in the form of our Disabled Access Threshold. The main unit is made from a polymer concrete and incorporates a trapper bar that prevents water from passing into the building. The polymer concrete unit also includes a channel to accept water and a heel-safe metal grid-plate to cover the channel. Also featured on this units are drain points to direct water away to drain.

thresholds for disabled access

This cleverly engineered solution ensures level access for the able-bodied and disabled alike.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Thresholds for Disabled Access from Killeshal can fill your project requirements for disabled access. Click here for our Thresholds page.

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