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Thresholds – Equal Access for Mobility Challanged

Construction on any scale today must consider the issue of access for the mobility challanged. Most particularly, for example, this would include the front door to a disabled person’s own home. The solution is Thresholds for Disabled Acces from Killeshal.

Thresholds – Better Access for the Mobility Challanged

There is always room for improvement, but awarness of the concerns and requirements of those with disabilities has advanced considerably. No longer is it the case that a building would be constructed without a great deal of consideration given to equality of access.
ThresholdsIn particular, when planning the design and construction of a home for a person with mobility challanges it would be expected that each and every aspect of the building design would address those challanges and and work to reduce or eliminate them.

The front door of such a home creates a unique challange for those who require the use of wheelchairs or walking aids. A level and accessible  entrance to the home must be provided.
(This is addressed in the Government’s Planning Portal in section 6.19 of their document on the subject here- pdf)

thresholds detailsAt Killeshal we provide an excellent solution to this issue in the form of our Disabled Access Thresholds. These units are cast in a durable polymer concrete and create a drainage channel in front of the building entrance. The channels includes a trapper bar unit which works to prevent water entering the building and are topped off with a metal grid plate. Click on the image here to view a larger version.
The top-plates on thes thresholds will allow water to drop into the channel below but is specifically designed to be “heel-safe” to ensure that acces to the building is safe and comfortable for able-bodied and mobility challanged alike.


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