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Traffic Management Kerbs – Engineered Road Safety

The roads have never been busier and traffic has never been heavier. For the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike it is essential that traffic management systems include items like Killeshal Traffic Management Kerbs as an integral part of the system.

Traffic Management Kerbs

The road network is a cornerstone of our very way of life and essential to our social and economic activity. There is of course talks of companies like Amazon delivering items by air using UAV drones in the future (Amazon Prime Air), but I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be using the road network to get ourselves and our goods from A to B for quite some time to come.

traffic management kerbs islandUntil then, traffic management kerbs are a crucial component of road safety, particlularly in relation to the safe management of fast moving or heavyweight traffc. This especially true for example, at depot entrances or for traffic islands at toll booth aproaches, where it is critical for safety reasons that fast moving or heavyweight traffic be guided safely and confined to defined lanes.

traffic management kerbs - profile detailKilleshal produce a range of traffic management kerbs that are ideally suited to this purpose. the profile is specifically engineered so that the wheel of a vehicle veering off course will ride the kerb with minimised impact damage and be guided as safely as possible back in lane.


These traffic management kerbs are also particularly useful in protecting ares adjacent to urban traffic lanes that will see heavy usage from larger vehicles such as busses and goods vehicles.

traffic management kerbs - urban


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