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Ulma Line Drainage – Superior Surface Drainage

It doesn’t seem to matter what time of year it is, there seems to be an endless supply of rainfall, and the best way to manage the resultant surface water drainage issues is with Ulma Line Drainage from Killeshal.

Ulma Line Drainage – Superior Surface Drainage

Once again we have arrived at a time of year when we really should be enjoying a little more sunshine, but once again the rain is streaming down the office windows and once again I am grateful that we have an effective surface water drainage system in place and I don’t have to swim to the car after work.

ulma line drainage city

There are of courses wetter places on the planet so I suppose we shouldn’t complain too much, but we’re usually not terribly concerned with some far-flung, sub-tropical swamp when we look out the window on these rain-sodden isles of Britain and Ireland. We are usually much more occupied with thoughts of how to get that rain off the surface and away to drain as quickly and efficiently as possible, and that is where Ulma Line Drainage really rises to the challenge.

ulma line drainage install

Ulma Line Drainage systems from Killeshal are manufactured with polymer concrete and are designed to suit a wide range of installation scenarios. The channel lids are also available to suit a wide range traffic types and of load capacities, from pedestrians to Motorcycles to heavy goods vehicles, so you can be sure that whatever type of vehicle will be driving over the channels you’ll find an Ulma system to suit.

 Ulma Line Drainage motorcycle

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Ulma Line Drainage from Killeshal can provide the best surface water drainage system for your project. Click here for our Ulma Line drainage page.

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