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Wall Caps Down To A Tee

I had a discussion recently about a previous blog post on precast concrete Wall Caps where I compared wall caps to lapels on a suit jacket. A friend said that he hadn’t really thought of them that way before, so I responded with a question, “Well, how much thought do you normally give to wall caps.”
The answer didn’t surprise me, wall cap selection was often not much more than an afterthought, but they really should be considered as a much more significant part of any project since they’re one of the first things noticed (sub-consciously or otherwise) on any property.

widest range of wall caps
Wall Caps have never been an afterthought with Killeshal, after all, we’ve been making wall caps since we started precast concrete manufacturing in 1969. With that amount of manufacturing experience behind us we have amassed a great wide range of styles and profiles and a fair bit of experience too; we’re pretty sure we have wall caps manufacturing down to a tee.

Killeshal Wall Caps Benefits

  • We’ve got just about the widest range of wall caps around
  • Most of our designs are standard ex-stock – no lead time
  • Delivery nationwide within 3 days for these off-the-shelf units
  • We have styles and profiles to suit just about any property
  • Custom requirements catered for – if we don’t have it, we can make it
  • Killeshal wall caps help protect your wall from damage caused by rain penetration


There are a number of factors that should influence the selection of wall caps for any project, particularly the type and location of the wall to be capped and the type of protection required by the wall. But there are of course other factors such as the obvious styling requirements, the wall caps must sit comfortably with the architectural styling of the property and compliment appropriately. There are also less obvious concerns (less obvious until you need consider them, of course) like whether on not there is a risk of vandalism.

anti vandal wall copingIt is an unfortunate and incredibly annoying facet of modern life that a beautiful new wall can become an eyesore overnight because some idiot returning from “a good night out” decides that there could not be anything better to do than to up-end and dislodge the wall capping and knock it to the ground, possibly damaging the capping stones in the process.
Believe it or not, at Killeshal we even have that particular requirement covered with a capping stone design that specifically caters for this. Our anti-vandalism wall caps feature integrated mesh screen ties that are secured to the wall before rendering so that the wall coping is very resistant to vandals attempting to knock off the wall caps.


One of the things that our experience has taught us over the years is that we will never have absolutely everything covered, there will always be some special application required for which we don’t have an off-the-shelf option. But… for that we have our custom manufacturing service.

So, don’t shy away if you think you have a particularly unique requirement that your wall coping needs to meet. Just talk to our really knowledgeable technical sales team and they will help and advise you in selecting the best wall caps for your project and help get your wall coping down to a tee.


Contact us by phone or email and see how we can meet your needs for construction materials. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. See our Contact Us page for contact information.PPC-Killeshal

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