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3 Ways Wall Caps Protect Your Wall

We have previously posted here about the great looks that are possible through finishing off a wall in some of the stylish wall caps available here at Killeshal. But, wall coping protects your wall too, so we thought we’d give a quick run-down of how wall caps protect your wall.

1. Wall Caps Protect Your Wall by sealing off the top surface of the wall.

Just having wall coping on top of a wall will help to protect it from potentially critical and costly damage. Water ingress through rainfall hitting the wall’s top surface and seeping into the structure of the wall may cause issues like efflorescence, a white powdery deposit (see: what-is-efflorescence) or even compromise the integrity of the wall structure itself.

Wall caps protect your wall

Wall caps will seal off the top of the wall and prevent rain water from seeping in and breaking down mortar and blockwork.

2. Wall Caps Protect Your Wall by shedding water away from brickwork.

This is achieved through the action of the drip channel on the underside of the wall coping. Assuming that there is sufficient overhang of the cap stones beyond the wall surface, water running off from the top surface of the wall will be prevented from creeping along the underside of the coping towards the wall surface.

Killeshal Wall caps batch

As soon as the water reaches the drip channel it is prevented from traversing any further as it is unable to climb the sides of the drip channel and will instead fall to ground. The benefits of this cannot be overstated. As above, the potential damage to any wall, block, brick or rendered, would be costly and critical.

3. Wall Caps Protects Your Wall from frost damage

In addition to the potential for damage that rain water presents, we have another moisture related issue to cope with in this part of the world. Even when we don’t get rain (we do have one or two of those days) we often get frost, particularly overnight. Frost can be very damaging to an exposed top surface on a wall, as it has the potential to repeatedly attack the structure’s joints over time, eventually leading to a loss of structural integrity in brickwork.

Adding a suitably matched top course of wall coping will offer protection to the wall and potentially save a small fortune in repair costs.

killeshal wall caps range ex-stock

We have a wide range of wall coping styles available ex-stock and ready for delivery nationwide.

Contact our knowledgeable technical sales team and they will help and advise you in selecting the best wall caps for your project to protect your wall. Click here for our Precast Concrete Wall Coping page.


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