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Killeshal Traffic Management Kerb
KerbsKilleshal Traffic Management Kerbs

A considerable advancement to road safety, vehicle direction, roadside protection and traffic management has been made by Killeshal’s High Containment Kerb (or Traffic Management Kerb).


  • The bulbous upper profile of the kerb, along with the tapered lower profile, reduces the likelihood of extreme jolting.
  • Reduces chances of driver injury, vehicular damage and loss of control.
  • The High Containment Kerb is produced using Portland cement and a mix of coarse and fine aggregates to provide a hard wearing mix that is resistant to damage upon impact.
  • The minimum compressive strength is 40N/mm² at 28 days.
  • High Containment Kerbs or Traffic Management Kerbs are available in fairfaced concrete or exposed aggregate.


There are a range of tapered kerbs, short kerbs for radii and quadrants available to suit a multitude of traffic management and integration requirements; talk to our technical sales team and they will be happy to share with you their extensive product knowledge to help you select the most appropriate combination of traffic management kerbs for your project. All quadrant radii are 425mm and come in 30˚, 45˚, 60˚ and 90˚ sections.

Common applications include traffic islands, site entrances subject to heavy vehicle traffic and in fact any area where it is necessary to enhance safety through controlling the movement of heavy vehicles.

KPC are capable of producing 4.5 km of concrete kerbs per day using the hydraulic press manufacturing technique and we can deliver these in minimal time to anywhere throughout the country.



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