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Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining Wall Blocks stackedKilleshal Retaining Wall Blocks

Killeshal produce a simple and easily deployed solution for those instances where a substantial retaining wall is required.

Retaining Wall Blocks resemble a Lego block, albeit on a much larger scale, and can easily be hoisted into position and stacked to the appropriate height. The blocks are easily lifted and placed into position using the integrated lifting hooks, quickly creating a wall that is incredible sturdy and able to withstand considerable lateral force.

When your project reaches a point where the retaining wall is no longer required, the retaining wall blocks can easily be lifted out of position and relocated or re-used elsewhere.

Killeshal Retaining Wall Lego Block

We also have an option with integrated slots for easier placement when using forklifts.

Killeshal Retaining Wall Lego Block

Please contact us for details on the sizes available and so that we may assist you in choosing your retaining wall solution.

Key Design Features include:

  • Rapid deployment of substantial retaining wall
  • Easy assembly on site
  • Integrated hoisting point


Need assistance?

Consult our engineers, we are always happy to answer any questions. Contact the team by phone on 05793 53018, on email at or fill out the contact form below.


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