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Marker Posts & Slabs

Killeshal manufacture two types of concrete marker posts at the present time – including round and flat-top options. They are placed at or behind location points for services such as AV/SV, hydrant chambers, gas chambers etc. as markers for emergency services or service engineers.

Killeshal also produce buried hazard warning marker slabs which shadow electricity lines and gas pipes, helping to avoid breaches and health and safety incidents.


Marker Posts and Slabs


marker posts and slabs


Mould NoDescriptionDimensions
M/Post 101ROUND TOP MARKER POST1090mm x 300mm x 100mm
M/Post 102FLAT TOP MARKER POST1220mm x 270mm x 80mm
M/Post 104MARKER POST985mm x 240mm x 65mm
M/Post 111DUCT MARKER POST1600mm x 120mm x 140mm
M/Post 113MARKER POST225mm x 300mm x 300mm
M/Post 115MARKER POST300mm x 300mm x 225mm
M/Post 114MARKER POST225 x 300 x 1000mm
M/Post 116SQUARE HEAD MARKER POST1230mm x 100mm x 75mm

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