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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Street Planters

Street Furniture

Killeshal Street Planters

Killeshal Precast produce a range of street planters as part of our street furniture range for a wide range of uses from private residential and light commercial settings to stylish urban landscaping. These units are available in both fair-faced concrete and exposed aggregate finishes and are a great addition to the visual amenity of any property or streetscape.

These units are substantial pieces and are both eye catching and utilitarian. Killeshal Precast offer a collection of different styles, ranging from simple cylinders and box shapes to more architecturally stunning pieces inspired by large amphora containers.

In association with our sister company, In Granite Ltd, we can also produce larger, more impressive street planters for commercial and civil settings, to perfectly compliment your stunning public concourse.

As always we can and do produce custom engineered solutions for your specific requirements. One particularly popular solution for urban/civil installations is a combination of modular seating blocks and planters that can be arranged in whatever alignments or shapes you might like.

Our technical sales team would be happy to help in the selection units appropriate to your particular project. Let us know what you are planning for your build and we will help you to pick the right style and size.

Street Planters


Specifications- Exposed Aggregate:

  • Round Planters (710x495mm)
  • Square (600x600x650mm)
  • Rectangular (825x1200x500mm)

Shapes- Fair-faced Precast Concrete:

  • Round (1000x750mm)
  • Square (1200x1200x500mm)
  • Oval (1500x800mm)
  • Tapered (650-900x4200x750mm)


Other shapes and sizes are available on request. We also supply a range of special street planters in various sizes and finishes. Download our brochure to view our full range. Please call us on 057 9353018 for further information on our planters.

Need assistance?

Consult our engineers, we are always happy to answer any questions. Contact the team by phone on 05793 53018, on email at or fill out the contact form below.


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