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Columns and Balustrades

Killeshal Concrete Columns and Balustrades Brochure

Killeshal Concrete Columns and Balustrades

Killeshal manufacture a range of balustrades and columns to add style and elegance to any property. There’s really nothing like a an entrance decorated with columns.

A Balustrade is a decorative upright that supports a capping. Killeshal produce concrete balusters and capping as standard. Please call one of our sales staff to discuss your specific requirements.


Killeshal Concrete Columns and Balustrades Brochure

To view our full range of Concrete Columns and Balustrades, download our  Brochure. Whether you want to achieve a modern feeling or maintain a traditional look, you can find it at Killeshal.


Need assistance?

Consult our engineers, we are always happy to answer any questions. Contact the team at sales@killeshal.com or fill out the contact form below.



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