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Bus Stop Kerbs

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Bus Stop Kerbs

Killeshal Bus Stop Kerbs

KPC offer very competitively priced concrete bus stop kerbs, presenting the best option for the public and bus companies alike. KPC’s bus stop kerbs and transition kerbs provide seamless integration with existing pathways and feature the world’s most commonly used, tried and tested profile. We at KPC are sure you will not find a more cost effective bus stop kerb.

KPC’s Bus Stop Kerbs comply with EN 1340:2003

Correct alignment of the bus with the stop is essential for step-free access, with older buses the height of the entry platform to the bus made it necessary to have raised kerbs, which created the potential for injuries from falls. Modern buses and advanced kerb systems have eradicated this safety problem.


Bus-Stop Kerb

  • Complies with Standard EN 1340:2003
  • Manufactured to the world’s most commonly used profile
  • Height fixed to suit kneeling suspension of modern buses
  • Curved profile to enable accurate bus positioning at the stop
  • Curved profile reduces lateral impact between wheel and kerb, increasing the life span of bus wheels and shocks
  • Creates safer access for wheelchair users
  • Textured top face aids bus entry for the visually impaired
  • Reduction of the vertical and horizontal gap between the bus platform and the kerb prevents accidents occurring as passengers get on and off buses
  • Straightforward installation with single unit kerb

The textured surface of Killeshal’s kerb top creates a space where the visually impaired can identify the kerb and safely board the bus. Since the European Commission established the Disability Act all buses must be safe for everybody to get on and off, regardless of their disability. Killeshal’s Bus Stop Kerbs fulfil this essential function by providing a safe platform from which all passengers can safely board and disembark modern buses.
Our bus stop kerbs are also available in reconstituted granite in Buff or White colouring.
bus stop kerbs finishes


Mould NoDescriptionDimensions
K 136-1BUS STOP KERB LOW297 X 462 X 1000MM



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