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Civil and Drainage

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Durable Elegant Street Seating

There was a time when only the most high-end commercial and industrial builds were finished to a standard that included good looking landscaping and street furniture. These days we have come to expect more and there is a clear demand for retail, office and industrial premises to be well appointed in this regard. With that in mind, consider looking to Killeshal for Durable Elegant Street Seating.

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Grass Blocks Surface Stabilisation with Drainage

Grass Blocks have become one of our in demand products over the last few years as more and projects require surface stabilisation while maintaining efficient management of surface water. Fore example, here we have a project requiring surface stabilisation to maintain good drainage through the treated area and allow grass to grow through to maintain a good visual aesthetic. Grass blocks surface stabilisation is the ideal solution here.

Grass Blocks Surface Stabilisation

Grass blocks surface stabilisation from Killeshal

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Concrete Crash Barriers Provide Versatile Safety Cordons

Concrete Crash Barriers from KilleshalConcrete Crash Barriers from Killeshal are substantial, heavy duty road safety barriers. When you need a solid barrier that is both physically sturdy and visually substantial, they offer the perfect solution.

They are durable precast concrete units and they feature forklift rebates for easier lifting and positioning.

They also feature an interlocking design to allow for installation as a continuous physical safety barrier.

Crash Barriers – Versatile Safety Cordons

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Utility Chambers or Junction Boxes

Junction Boxes or Utility Chambers are essential components for every facet of modern life and yet you will rarely see them after installation. Whether they are used for power lines or broadband cables, gas or water pipes, they are the precast concrete boxes that allow access to important junctions in the critical infrastructure beneath our feet. And Killeshal has a wealth of experience in making these utility chambers that is unparalleled.

Utility Chambers from Killeshal

Utility Chambers (or Junction Boxes) – Critical for Infrastructure

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Eco-Friendly Bus Stop Kerbs

Eco-Friendly Bus Stop Kerbs may seem like something of a contradiction in terms, but there is an inherent green/eco-friendly aspect to Bus Stop Kerbs and Killeshal produce a competitively priced product that has a track record proven over decades. Killeshal Precast Concrete’s bus stop kerbs are manufactured with the world’s most commonly used profile as originally used in Germany. Interested? Read on!eco-friendly-bus-stop-kerbs

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Durable Street Furniture Makes Great Public Spaces

The best thing about getting to March is the realisation that the worst of Winter chills are behind us and brighter, warmer days are ahead. That means people out enjoying the better weather together. Taking a stroll through the town or the parks and taking a pause here and there to just enjoy being out. It’s time to get those public spaces ready and talk to Killeshal about Durable Street Furniture.

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Bicycle Stands Range – Greener Healthier Travel

We have surely reached the point where we realise that we all need to take steps to add more green or eco-friendly thinking into our daily lives. Increasing numbers of commuters and those looking for a healthier lifestyle are taking to cycling to do just that. That increases the demand for bicycle parking and fortunately Killeshal have a comprehensive Bicycle Stands Range ready to fit any budget or location type.

Bicycle stands rangeBicycle Stands Range at Killeshal

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Stainless Steel Bollards Combine Safety and Style

We have been trying to let everyone know that Killeshal provides so much more than just precast concrete components, but we are so well known for our concrete products that it’s easy to miss our other lines, like Stainless Steel Bollards… and these classy, durable bollards should not be missed! Also available as Lockable/Removable.

Stainless Steel BollardsSteel Bollards Cast-in – Round Top – installation by GMC Utilities

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Surface Water Management Early Action

It is so important to deal with a surface water management issue up-front, before it really becomes an issue, rather than constantly ‘fire-fighting’ the issue after it arises. Our friends at ULMA Architectural Solutions recently published an interesting anecdote to illustrate just this.

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Drainage Kerb DuraDrain – Two Problems, One Solution

DuraDrain Drainage Kerbs
DuraDrain Drainage Kerb from Killeshal is a product that addresses two increasingly significant issues. All exposed surfaces require efficient drainage to prevent flooding and protect the surface integrity. This particular issue is becoming increasingly significant, as the effects of climate change manifest themselves.

The other increasingly significant issue is that there is an ever greater focus on sustainability and environmental concerns and, in particular, the growing problem of plastics in the environment.

DuraDrain, perhaps uniquely, is the kind of product that can address both issues in a single, cleverly designed system for providing efficient and safe drainage for highways, car parks and more. Continue reading

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