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Architectural Features – for a Touch of Class

In many ways buildings are like people, with each one different from the next. What makes one different from the other?… Architectural Features.

Architectural Features from Killeshal

On the surface it may seem that there are more exceptions than inclusions to such a wildly generalising statement. What about industrial and housing developments where each unit is made to a common template? But the statement largely holds true because buildings are lived in, worked in and used by people and people, above all else, will strive to be individual. Even in the conservative world of the business suit you will find each suited gent wearing a different tie; each lady wearing a different pin or broach and for the same reasons you will find that buildings too have character and personality.

We adapt our surroundings to our needs and put our stamp on our properties to say “This is us. This is who we are. This is our character and our ethos”. The best, most durable and definitive way of doing this is through the use of architectural features. Killeshal recognise this need to have buildings express a personality in parallel with our own and we provide a range of architectural features to achieve this.

Architectural FeaturesKilleshal supply a large range of architectural features- products like string courses to extend and enhance window sill lines, stairways and balconies, columns and balustrades, even decorative pier caps. We’ve also got StoneWrap manufactured stone cladding and we’ve got natural stone paving.

Architectural Features 2

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