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Architectural Versatility with Steel Lintels

Architecture today faces the demands of an increasingly sophisticated public. For civic, commercial and domestic builds alike, customers want ever more daring designs that stretch conventional structural and aesthetic design limits. Where can you turn to satisfy these demands? Steel Lintels from Killeshal.

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Steel Lintels for Architectural Versatility

As materials and technology that were once new begin to enter greater usage they and their implications become the new minimum standard. For example I can’t think of anyone that would choose a new phone that did not have full email capabilities, yet this was fledgeling technology only a decade ago. Similarly, the effect of relatively new technology like the kind of Steel Lintels available from Killeshal has meant that the limits of what can be affordable and easily achieved have been pushed well back.

Steel lintels from Killeshal are easy to work with and can be used in a wide variety of build types. They have particularly advantages over concrete lintels in relation to brick builds, where steel lintels allow for the creation of façades that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

In fact we have an incredible range of feature lintels that directly integrate the very brick used on the build into the manufacture of the lintel so that the lintel arrives on site with perfectly matched brickwork already bonded to the the lintel. These Brick Slip Feature Lintels are so easy to install, particularly with our masonry support products as illustrated in the video below.

KPC can supply from a range of standard lintels, but we can also assist you in the design and specification of steel lintels for specific custom requirements. Likewise, with our brick slip feature lintels you will find our technical team ready and willing to help in the creation of a feature lintel design that will really enhance your build.

Contact our team at Killeshal Precast to see how your Steel Lintels from Killeshal can add architectural versatility to your project. Click here for our Steel Lintels page.


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