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Traffic Management Kerbs for the Age of eCommerce

Traffic has increased exponentially over the last few decades. It’s not just the volume that has increased either, the average size of vehicles seems to have mushroomed. Bigger vehicles on the roads in such large numbers means great care must be taken to ensure that products like KPC’s Traffic Management Kerbs are in place as required.

Traffic Management Kerbs

Traffic Management Kerbs from KPC

It’s no surprise really that we should see such a high volume of heavy vehicles on our roads today. We live in the eCommerce age and that has created an incredible volume of goods that must be physically moved from location to location, through distribution centres and shipping depots, and regardless of whether air or sea transport is involved, significant parts of the journey will be on the road.

KPC produce and supply a number of Traffic Management Products, from simple bolt-down speed bumps to our substantial Bus Stop Kerb, available in precast concrete and reconstituted granite (cast stone). One of KPC’s best selling traffic management products is our Traffic Management Kerb.

As with the KPC Bus Stop Kerb (click here for more) our Traffic Management Kerb incorporates a specifically designed profile to repel and guide vehicle wheels while minimising potential wear or damage to the vehicle’s wheels and tyres.


These high containment kerbs are quite simply the best choice for applications in areas where heavy traffic moves in close proximity to people. For example, KPC has supplied these high containment traffic management kerbs to motorway projects where they are installed at toll booth islands. Applications like this require corner kerbs, radius kerbs and transition kerbs for smooth integration where lower profiled standard kerbs are adjacent. We have all these covered with a range of fully profile-matched units.

KPC’s Traffic Management Kerbs form part of a range of Traffic Management and Traffic Calming products. Visit our website for more information- Traffic Calming.

Contact our team at KPC to see how your Traffic Management Kerbs from KPC can create effective high containment kerbing for your project. Click here for our Traffic Management page.


Contact us by phone or email and see how we can meet your needs for construction materials. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. See our Contact Us page for contact information.PPC-Killeshal

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