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Beautiful Public Spaces with Steel Bollards

Steel bollards have been around for a long time now with their origins going back to the up-turned cannons of the defeated armies in the Napoleonic wars. But they have become something far more elegant than the utilitarian re-purposed scrap iron of the past.

There was a time when the design of bollards was dictated purely by their function. When an area needed to be cordoned off and provide access to pedestrians only, the solution was install a number of appropriately spaced posts with no great influence on design other than to establish whether or not the posts would hold linking chains. Today however, the options are far greater and afford an opportunity to architects and specifiers the chance to make public spaces beautiful with a wide palette of colour and material options.

Colours and materials options

Well beyond the colour and finish of steel bollards there is now such a wealth of styles and shapes and indeed, fixing options, that there is certain to be a combination available for any desired design specification.

Steel Bollards Ground Fixings

Mars Ornamental Steel Bollards 1

Have you ever experienced client disappointment with apparent corrosion to stainless steel bollards? It’s the kind of thing that could potentially lead to payments being withheld, but it can easily be avoided with with a little care and maintenance.

Steel Bollards

Stainless Steel Bollards – Maintaining Their Beauty

One point to note, however, is that there is a common misconception that stainless steel is an entirely maintenance-free material. This can lead to issues where a client, for whom you installed steel bollards, can feel that they have been given bollards of a lesser quality than promised.

These issues can be prevented from occurring if stainless steel bollards are properly maintained. So here we provide you with some practical tips to ensure your client’s architectural stainless steel is kept looking bright and beautiful.

1)      Before handing your project over to the client, wash stainless steel bollards using one part Cif Cream and three parts warm water, leave for 2-3 minutes and wipe dry using microfiber cloths in the same direction as the polishing grain.

2)      If carbon steelwork has been carried out in close proximity to the bollards post-installation, “free iron” particles in the atmosphere may contaminate the surface, causing pitting. Avoid this by using Avesta FinishOne™ Passivator 630 solution to manufacturer’s guidelines.

3)      Lime staining, caused by hard water can be treated using a mix of vinegar and water. Oil and grease staining can be treated using methylated spirits.

4)      Exterior stainless steel needs to be washed between six and twelve times per year to prevent “tea staining”. Make sure your client has a post-handover maintenance plan.

5)      Marine grade 316 stainless needs to be used in saline environments. Elsewhere, a mirror polished 304 stainless bollard will resist “tea staining” better than a satin finished 316 grade version. For exterior use, insist on a polishing grade of between RA 0.3 and 0.7um.

What about alternative materials?

Something you may not have considered, is not using stainless steel at all! KPC provides a wide range of prestigious bollard designs in powder coated aluminium and galvanised steel, and for a real statement, pre-oxidised Corten steel, which is as close to maintenance free as you will get.

Our “Urbanus” bollard and barrier range afford the designer a complete palette of options to define urban living spaces and restrict access where necessary. We deliver this through a perfected range of bollard solutions, with emphasis on aesthetics, durability and user benefit.
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