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Drainage Gullies and Lids – Making Drainage Accessible

The best road drainage system you could possibly install is only as good as the drainage gullies that it incorporates. Without these essential components it could not operate effectively. Killeshal provides a range of drainage gullies and lids.

Drainage Gullies and Lids

We are fortunate to a great degree with the climate in this part of the world. To be fair, it is only very infrequently that we experience a particularly harsh winter by global standards and likewise, unbearably hot summers are equally rare. However, as I’ve said a number of times on this site, we do get a great deal of rainfall. Drainage systems have developed to the point that we can now handle all but the most torrential downpours with ease and keep our roadways clear of excess surface water. But, water is not the only thing that enters our drains and to keep them operating efficiently we need to ensure that we can remove any dirt and silt before it builds to the point of creating a blockage.

drainage gulliesKilleshal offer both trapped and untrapped road drainage gullies manufactured in durable precast concrete. Both are available in various sizes with matching risers (if required) and cast metal lids.

Road Drainage GulliesBoth types offer excellent functionalty with regard to taking the silt and other non-liquids that enter our drains and allowing easy access in order to remove this solid matter.

The trapped drainage gullies that we offer provide the additional function of preventing the unwanted sewer gasses from filtering back up through the drainage system.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Drainage Gullies and Lids from Killeshal can provide the access you need to your drainage project. Click here for our Drainage Gullies and Lids page.

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