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Grass Blocks Surface Stabilisation with Drainage

Grass Blocks have become one of our in demand products over the last few years as more and projects require surface stabilisation while maintaining efficient management of surface water. Fore example, here we have a project requiring surface stabilisation to maintain good drainage through the treated area and allow grass to grow through to maintain a good visual aesthetic. Grass blocks surface stabilisation is the ideal solution here.

Grass Blocks Surface Stabilisation

Grass blocks surface stabilisation from Killeshal

This is one of those cases where concrete scores well with good green credentials. As we move more and more into a world where renewable energy is a “must have” rather than a “nice-to-have”, there are some logistical challenges to overcome. Wind energy is ideal for our climate in the UK and Ireland, but those very tall wind turbines come in large chunks that need to be transported by road. Unlike the wide roads and great open spaces that we see in Hollywood movies, the roads that we have leading to the best spots for wind farms tend to be quite a bit more narrow… and we have lots of roundabouts! It is in this type of scenario that grass blocks surface stabilisation is the ideal solution.

Grass Blocks Stabilisation installation

Killeshal supply several types and specifications of Grass Blocks, but in this case our concrete grass block product was specified as the best solution. The project required cutting through a number of roundabouts on the route that wind turbine components would take on their way to their destination wind farm. This was to enable the passage of very long vehicles through the roundabouts with the grass blocks being used to provide road stabilisation for the vehicles’ passage over the otherwise grass roundabouts, and to allow grass to grow back through the grass blocks.

Grass Block installation

This would allow the roundabouts to regain and retain their original aesthetic and drainage properties over time and allow future transport of new or replacement wind farm components along the same route without the need for repeated road works on the roundabouts.

Grass Block installation

In addition to Grass Blocks surface stabilisation on roadway/civils projects like this one, Killeshal provide a range of Grass Blocks and similar solutions which can be used as the hard standing element in various surface water management systems. Either our concrete product or our polymer options can be used to provide hard standing and surface stabilisation in car parks, pathways and even domestic driveways.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Grass Blocks from Killeshal create sustainable drainage systems that can provide an eco-friendly solution to suit your project specifications.

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