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Concrete Crash Barriers Provide Versatile Safety Cordons

Concrete Crash Barriers from KilleshalConcrete Crash Barriers from Killeshal are substantial, heavy duty road safety barriers. When you need a solid barrier that is both physically sturdy and visually substantial, they offer the perfect solution.

They are durable precast concrete units and they feature forklift rebates for easier lifting and positioning.

They also feature an interlocking design to allow for installation as a continuous physical safety barrier.

Crash Barriers – Versatile Safety Cordons

Concrete Crash Barriers from Killeshal

These Barriers, also called concrete Road Safety Barriers, are substantial and yet versatile, and can be used in both permanent positions and in temporary applications such as:

  • Segregating ongoing road works
  • Earthworks cordons
  • Pedestrian protection and restricted areas in locations with heavy vehicle traffic
  • Safely channelling traffic
  • Entry barriers at vacant sites
  • Protective cordon around materials
    and more.

Crash Barriers for safety cordons

Despite their substantial precast concrete construction, these crash barriers are ideal for use in non permanent applications where a substantial and durable barrier is required for a limited time. They are designed specifically to be easily positioned by forklift and just as easily repositioned for re-use when the need arises.

These Crash Barriers are not just heavyweight concrete blocks, their profile is designed to avoid simply presenting a blunt vertical face to any potential colliding vehicle and instead offer a profile that reduces vehicle damage while resisting deformation of the barrier line.

If you are planning or are about to embark on a project requiring the solid, yet re-useable safety cordon, that only precast concrete crash barriers can provide, talk to Killeshal’s technical sales team today.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how we can help to supply the best crash barriers for your project.

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