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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Grass Blocks – Sustainable Drainage Systems

Environmental awareness plays an increasingly significant part in the modern build environment. One issue which has been historically difficult to manage is that of surface water drainage. The answer to this issue traditionally was to pipe the water elsewhere, potentially creating bigger issues elsewhere. Today’s eco-friendly answer lies with Sustainable Drainage systems like Grass Blocks.

Grass Blocks

Sustainable Drainage systems (or SuDs) have become an increasingly important consideration for new projects. In fact, Government policy set out in paragraph 103 of the National Planning Policy Framework directs local Planning Authorities to prioritise the installation of SuDs in determining planning applications (see the full document here).

When determining planning applications, local planning authorities should ensure flood risk is not increased elsewhere…
…and it gives priority to the use of sustainable drainage systems.

Grass Blocks applicationsTo meet the needs of architects, engineers and planners, Killeshal offer a range of systems to suit various applications and installation site criteria. These products will overcome the problems of soil erosion, soil retention, armouring verges and preserving banks on waterways and road ways in an aesthetic and ecologically sound manner.

¬†This doesn’t just solve an issue of compliance with government policy- it makes great sense anyway.

With Grass Blocks products from Killeshal you get a hard-standing surface that can direct water to ground without extensive channelling and pipe-works and you have a choice of systems made from concrete or re-cycled polymer materials.

Grass Blocks from Killeshal are available to suit a variety of applications from light traffic paths and domestic driveways to helicopter pads, service yards and HGV loading areas. Our Grass Blocks are available with a variety of load classes up to SLW60, which will take vehicles up to 60t gross weight, 10t wheel load.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Grass Blocks sustainable drainage systems from Killeshal can provide an eco-friendly solution to suit your project specifications.

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