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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Window Sills – The Widest Range is at KPC

If you are building anything other than a steel and glass skyscraper, you’ll be looking to use window sills. But, knowing that you will be incorporating sills and knowing which design or type to get are two different things entirely. Killeshal have the widest range of precast concrete window sills and a team of people that know how to specify the correct sill for you.

Precast Concrete Window Sills

Window sills are amongst those components that are easily dismissed as a standard item that can be easily selected later. But, to be fair, there is a little more to sills than you might think at first. You’ll need to address questions like “what’s the best sill to specify for this concrete block wall design?” or “which sill type would suit that timber frame structure?”

Precast Concrete Window SillsThe Killeshal team have an unparalleled expertise in the design and specification of window sills and this is reflected in our incredible range of precast concrete window sill types. Click on the image here to see a larger version and you’ll see what I mean.

We also tackled the issue of using precast concrete window sills within timber frame buildings and have a selection of suitable models and we produce a number of stooled sills for use in brick structures.

Sometimes the selection of sill type is influenced by the overall aesthetic design of the building. This is particularly true with regard to the use of architectural features like String Courses which carry the line of the window sill across the building’s face. Guess what… we can match our sills with an appropriate choice from the Killeshal String Course Range (click here for String Course).

As always, the team here at Killeshal is quite happy to discuss your requirements and including customisation/modification.

Contact the team at Killeshal to see how we can help you get the best Precast Concrete Window Sill to suit your project specifications.

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