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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Padstones For Better Structural Integrity

Padstones, as I have indicated before on this site, are far from the most glamorous of construction materials (are others glamorous?) but their use could save potentially expensive structural damage caused by the weight transferred through lintels.

PadStones for better Structural Integrity

PadStones from KPC are made with 40N sq mm concrete, making them much stronger materially than standard concrete blocks and this makes them ideal for their intended use beneath the resting points of precast and pre-stressed concrete lintels and RSJ beams.
padstonesWithout the use of appropriately sized and specified padstones as supplied by KPC, the load carried by the lintels in addition to the weight of the lintels themselves is transferred directly to the blockwork beneath either end of the lintels. This can amount to quite a crushing load and can lead to cracking and crushing of the blockwork beneath the resting points.
Padstones that are appropriately specified can reduce or remove the potential for this damage by taking this load, without succumbing to the forces that might otherwise crush standard blocks and then by spreading the load across the blockwork below.
KPC offer a variety of standard sized padstones ex-stock and with padstones from KPC you get supreme versatility. They can be installed in whatever orientation is appropriate for their purpose within the structure and they may even be doubled up if necessary. But as always our Padstones can be made to any size and specification, we are always happy to listen to custom requirements and our technical sales team will prove themselves very capable in helping you with padstone design and specification.

Contact our team at KPC to see how precast concrete Padstones from KPC can provide concrete structural support for your project. Click here for our Padstones page.

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