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Steel Bollards for Distinctive Urban Traffic Control

The urban landscape is a hotbed of interaction. It is that very interaction that makes our urban areas such exciting places to be with people from all walks of life engaging in all manner of social and economic activities. But, it is also that same level of interaction that we have to keep in mind when planning urban areas and we must always ensure that both pedestrian and vehicle traffic is managed to appropriate levels of safety and comfort. One of the most stylish ways of achieving this is with Steel Bollards from Killeshal

Steel Bollards

There are a number of settings within the urban landscape where an area must be clearly defined as a no-go area for vehicle traffic with a substantial bollard. However the selection of bollard type for any given situation must consider the aesthetic compatibility to its proposed surroundings and to the people who will pass by them each day.

That is one area where steel bollards excel, they are a substantial and safe barrier to vehicle traffic but can retain a slimline, elegant look and will actually compliment the area where they are installed.

Steel Bollards

As the sample selection of steel bollards above illustrates, there is nothing to give a more distinguished look and feel to a location than steel bollards. From the simple and elegant lines of the slash-top, straight cylinder to the more ornate ductile bollards that are reminiscent of by-gone days, steel bollards make a statement.

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Killeshal also manufacture Precast Concrete and Exposed Aggregate Bollards (click here for more).

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