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Stone Cladding – The Solution is StoneWrap

There was a time when a new build could not even be contemplated if it did not feature smooth clean-lined walls. In recent years there has arisen a new-found appreciation for the unquestionable character of a stone-faced wall. The only problem with this however, is the cost involved with the craft that is stone masonry. The solution… is StoneWrap Stone Cladding.

StoneWrap Stone Cladding

There can be no argument about the sheer natural beauty of stone. It was for a short time somewhat side-lined as cheaper construction materials gained popularity. But, stone has very definitely seen a resurgence as it too has benefited from advances in mass production. StoneWrap Stone Cladding is a ‘manufactured stone’ product. Hundreds of sample stones are selected for their colour, shape, size and texture and a very high quality mould is taken from these sample stones. The quantity and variety of the stones selected means the relatively lightweight stone cladding pieces produced from the moulds will create a uniquely varied face on any structure to which they are applied.

When we were contacted by Kenneth from the North West who asked us if our StoneWrap product could be used to emulate the ancestral home where his parents grew up back in Ireland, we said “No problem, send us any photographs you have and we’ll help you match the stone facing as best we can.”

Stone Cladding StoneWrap HouseKenneth’s house is now completed and he is delighted with the house which is reminiscent of where he spent his happiest childhood summers. The best part of all this of course is that the stone cladding pieces are durable but much easier to work with and to fit than natural stone and they don’t require any great expertise.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how StoneWrap Stone Cladding from Killeshal can provide that natural stone look and feel for your building. Click here for our StoneWrap page and watch the StoneWrap video.

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