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Bicycle Stands Beat Traffic Jams

Traffic goes hand in hand with modern day living and unfortunately motor vehicle traffic brings with it other issues like the effects of exhaust fumes. But the level of traffic and its associated issues can be lessened through the increased use of cycling and the provision off Bicycle Stands to support this.

Bicycle Stands from Killeshal

There is more and more awareness today of the benefits of a more active lifestyle. So many of us tend to live a relatively sedentary life with long hours sitting at a desk or workstation. One way to improve our health and gain a more active lifestyle is to cycle. Whether it be cycling to work or to the shops or cycling for pleasure, it’s a great way to get fitter.

Regular cycling can help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve your fitness
– NHS on the Benefits of Cycling

One particularly good side effect of encouraging more cycling is the reduction in the number of motor vehicles running on our streets.

Cycle lanes or tracks are an important part of the overall traffic management toolkit, because they help to raise awareness of cycling as a form of traffic, and promote cycling as an effective and valuable alternative travel mode.
– Transport For London “London Cycling Design Standards” 4.1.3

To support a greater uptake of cycling there must be adequate parking facilities for cyclists in addition to the provision of cycle lanes. To this end Killeshal has a large range of bicycle stands in a wide range of materials, styles and finishes.

Two Tier Bicycle StandsWhether for places of work or for bike parking facilities close to bus or train services, we have a range of bicycle stands that facilitate securing the bike. There could not be a better way to combat traffic issues and promote better health.

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