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Clean and Clear Boundaries with Post and Rail Fencing

Sometimes you need a boundary defined with something simpler than a wall yet more elegant than a chain-link wire fence. What’s the solution?… Post and Rail Fencing from Killeshal.


post and rail fencing
Post and Rail Fencing From Killeshal

There are times when a block wall, with or without capping is just too much (we do all that too of course Wall Caps), and a chainlink fence won’t do either. Block or brick walls can involve quite a bit of time to install, particularly when you include the time involved in preparing the foundation. Chain link fencing is effective and relatively quick to install in comparison to block or brick, but its not quite as elegant as post and rail fencing.

Post and rail fencing has a great balance of great features, attributes and functions.

  • It is relatively quick and simple to install
  • It creates a clearly defined boundary
  • Available with one, two or three rails
  • It looks uniformly great across its length
  • Its precast concrete posts and rails make it a sturdy and durable boundary.

Perhaps the biggest plus for post and rail fencing is that whilst it does definitely provide a clearly defined boundary it manages to look much less utilitarian while doing so than, for example, a chainlink fence. This makes it suitable for use in a wide variety of settings because post and rail fencing provides a clear and definite visual boundary in a very aesthetically pleasing way. I can be used on roadsides, car parks, agricultural lands and even in commercial and industrial developments. Post and rail fencing may also be used in housing developments particularly to define garden borders in house rows.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Killeshal Post and Rail Fencing can provide the best boundary for your property. Click here for our Post and Rail product page.

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