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Concrete Duct Channels – Dependable Utility Protection

I have written previously on this site about the importance of access and inspection points in any utility services installation. However, just as important as the provision of utility servicing points is the idea of utility protection with a product such as Killeshal’s Precast Concrete Duct Channels.

Concrete Duct Channels

Utility protection goes two ways. I don’t say that glibly; protection of the utility lines within the duct channels is one major concern, but there are others. Of course it’s important to protect electricity supply lines, gas lines and telecom lines, after all, repairs to these services lines can be costly not only to the service providers but also costly in terms of disruption to the consumers of these services. But, it is also of the utmost importance that people are protected too and you can achieve this by protecting these utility services with precast concrete duct channels and duct covers from Killeshal.

concrete duct channels

There is an unacceptable potential for electric shock from a line that has been damaged through exposure to weather-wear or accidental damage or even malicious damage. Even a non-fatal injury through electric shock can still be devestating.

Killeshal manufacture and supply a range of single channel and multi-channel precast concrete duct channels and matching concrete duct covers to reduce or eliminate these risks and ensure safe and adequate protection for utility services of all kinds. Examples pictured in the diagram below.

types of precast concrete duct channels

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Precast Concrete Duct Channels from Killeshal can provide dependable utility protection to support your project specifications. Click here for our Concrete Duct Channels Utility Protection page.

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