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Concrete Lintels – Precast and Pre-stressed

Whatever you build, if it has doors and windows, it needs lintels… and it’s hard to beat the sheer simplicity and strength of pre-stressed concrete lintels from Killeshal.

Concrete Lintels

Lintels have been in use for thousands of years and have been made from a variety of materials. Originally made from wood or stone, lintels have more recently been manufactured from steel and modern composite materials. However, it is hard to beat the cost-effective brilliance of pre-stressed concrete lintels.

Concrete LintelsPre-stressed concrete lintels from Killeshal are manufactured to very exacting standards- we take no chances with your load-bearing requirements. From the concrete mix to the quality of reinforcing bar we use to the pre-tensioning of the rebar and the curing time… each and every stage of our process is optimised to ensure that you get top-class concrete lintels at a competitive price every time.

All of our standard 65mm concrete lintels are pre-stressed, but for those instances where pre-stressed lintels are not quite sufficient for your requirements we also manufacture a heavy-duty reinforced precast concrete lintel range capable of supporting very heavy loadings. And, of course, we are always happy to hear your custom requirements for concrete lintels. Talk to our very experienced engineers in Technical Sales, they will know exactly what you’re talking about and will help in the specification and design of the right concrete lintels for your project requirements.

Don’t forget we also manufacture a range of Padstones to match our concrete lintels.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Concrete Lintels from Killeshal can support your project specifications. Click here for our Concrete Lintels page.

Contact us by phone or email and see how we can meet your needs for construction materials. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. See our Contact Us page for contact information.PPC-Killeshal

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