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Precast Concrete Bollards – Cost Effective Permanent Barriers

Precast Concrete Bollards are usually installed as a permanent fixture, so they need to stand the test of time. For that your choice is clear Precast Concrete Bollards from Killeshal.

Precast Concrete Bollards for Cost Effective Permanent Barriers

In some ways, precast concrete bollards are very much an “install-and-forget item”. They are not the kind of thing that you expect to have to revisit on a regular basis for maintenance. This is exactly what Killeshal Bollards are designed for.

Precast Concrete Bollards

Our bollards are reinforced with 4 lenghs of rebar designed to give the bollard the strength and resilliance you need. This makes them suitable for a wide range of uses, particularly on streets where it is necessary to ensure that there is a safe barrier between vehicle and pedistrian traffic. We are also seeing an increase in the use of our reinforced precast concrete bollards as a barrier in front of high value retail outlets, such as jewellers and pharmacies, that may be targeted for ram-raids. In these instances the very precence two or three of our sturdy precast concrete bollards, strategically placed out in front of the entrance can be a strong deterrant to would be raiders.

But, this strength and security need not come at the expense of looks and you’ll find that our bollards have been designed with simple classic lines, making them ideal candidates for on-street use as well as in parklands and along river banks. In fact, you’ll find that their classic design means you can definitely install and forget, knowing that they will continue to do their job and look well for years to come, through each fleeting design trend.

However, if you desire something other than the simple classic design of our precast concrete bollards we also produce a range of exposed aggregate bollards as well as a complete range of steel options.

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