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Low Profile Grass Blocks for Eco-friendly Driveways

Grass Blocks have seen a marked increase in popularity and demand over the last couple of years and there is good reason for this; at a time where we are becoming increasingly aware of impacting upon the environment and needing to cope with often considerable amounts of surface water, Low Profile Grass Blocks are the ideal solution.

Agrablock low profile grass blocksLow Profile Grass Blocks from Killeshal

Being environmentally friendly can conjure up images of making undesirable compromises when it comes to the construction sector, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Providing hard standing for something like car-park overflow areas, or connecting pathways for example doesn’t mean that you are left with choosing between leaving a green area with its associated beneficial and natural water infiltration or paving the area, with flags or poured concrete, and consequently impacting seriously on its capacity for water infiltration. Low Profile Grass Blocks are very definitely a game-changer here.

Agrablock installation

Killeshal’s low profile grass blocks are an excellent choice for any sustainable drainage plan. These blocks provide great infiltration rates, preventing pooling and rutting in areas such as car parks and pathways, and despite their low profile design, they also provide great hard standing.

Agrablock with gravelKey Features of Agrablock Low Profile Grass Blocks from Killeshal

  • Only 40mm deep
  • Rated compression strength greater than 360tonnes/m2
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001/2008
  • Uses 43% less infill than similar 70mm products
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)
  • Ideal product for grass and gravel reinforcement

Major Uses for Agrablock Low Profile Grass Blocks from KPC

  • Car Parks / Park & Ride
  • Vehicle Hard-standings
  • Driveways
  • Access Roads
  • Cycleways
  • Footpaths & Country Walkways
  • Landscaping / Grass Verges
  • Golf Buggy Paths

Killeshal provide a range of Grass Blocks and similar solutions which can be used as the hard standing element in various surface water management systems. Whether these systems are intended to provided surface water infiltration or attenuation or anything else, or technical team can help and advise you on the most appropriate solution for your property or project.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how Low Profile Grass Blocks from Killeshal create sustainable drainage systems that can provide an eco-friendly solution to suit your project specifications.

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