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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Stainless Steel Masonry Support for Brickwork

Today’s architecture creates demands that require today’s solutions. Our design tastes dictate the use of large spans of brickwork and these… need Masonry Support

Masonry Support

 We like large spaces, we need large spaces. Today’s designs for commercial, industrial, educational and other uses require large spaces with large spans of brickwork and large openings. But this creates demands that are not easily met by traditional structural supports- at least not while maintaining the aesthetics of the architect’s design. Masonry Support systems from Killeshal provide great structural support without compromising the look and feel of great architectural design.

Masonry Support Qwik-Fix-Angle The image above shows the Qwik-Fix Angle system available from Killeshal. This allows an outer leaf of brickwork to continue across the opening uninterrupted with the masonry support elements behind it bolted to the lintel on the inner leaf of blockwork.

Windpost masonry supportIn addition to the Qwik-Fix Angle, Killeshal supply the Windpost Masonry Support system to support large panels of brickwork, with courses of this clever masonry support system fitted at various stages on the vertical face of the wall. This will ensure that there is sufficient lateral support, stiffening the wall against the lateral forces of high winds.

So, whether its a warehouse you’re building or a school or an office block, don’t feel that you need to make compromises on your design when the solution to your structural support needs is available here with Masonry Support and Windpost systems from Killeshal



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