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Masonry Support for a New Era of Classic Design

Architectural design has never been as varied as it is today. Many new designs have managed to combine large modern work and living spaces with a nod to styles of yesterday. This is one area where Killeshal’s Masonry Support shines.

Masonry Support System

There are an ever increasing number of examples of modern design being successfully married to classic materials and styles. For example, large workspaces and living spaces with large door and window openings combined with more traditional looking brick, façades in preference to the more ultra-modern steel and glass.

Masonry Support

The result of this kind of combination of high-tech modern design with older or more traditional styling is a much more personable building with which the occupants can form a greater connection.

masonry support windpostsBut it does create challenges, such as supporting brickwork across a wider modern non-arched window opening. Killeshal supply a range of Masonry Support products designed specifically to address issues such as this. All of our Masonry Support systems are manufactured in high quality stainless steel and are further complemented by our range of Windposts.

All Keystone Windposts are supplied with specifically designed base and upper connections and fixings. They are also supplied with a suitable number of wall-ties which will vary in relation to the post type used and the cavity width.

So, if masonry support issues have been a restricting factor in your designs up to now, expand your options with Masonry Support systems Killeshal.

Contact our team at Killeshal to see how a Masonry Support System from Killeshal can provide support to suit your project specifications. Click here for our Masonry Support page.

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